Monos y Moneros


THE PITAYO 91 Por: Ruy

Our heroes reflect on their journey just to realize that they don´t know what they are going to do next. A few quick plans are made hoping that the light is at the end of this tunnel...

Hello everyone! I'm starting a small campaign to promote the comic, I being paying ads and fixed my account at TOP WEBCOMICS, If you can go and vote for Macoatl HEREevery time you come to read the comic it would be a great help.

Also, in case you don´t know, I have a TAPAS and WEBTOON mirror, tapas is up to date but Webtoons is just starting (it will be updating twice a week), If you like reading your webcomics there be sure to subscribe (This is still the main site, but is good to have those in case something happens here)


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