Monos y Moneros

The great beggining!

The great beggining! Por: Ruy


A comic about a Restaurant found on the prehispanic land of Coatlan and all the misadventures of the "people" who try to run it. Here is the Index for the main story arcs for an easier reading (As long as you know the characters I guess you can jumo directly to any of them):

-Kaira, Xio and Tik

-The legend of the Golden Fried Meaty Tacos

-Tik comes home



-The alienz

-The Mictlan

-Dragon Ball

-Party time!

-Ichuel Vacations

-The Chuck Cunningham Island

-5 days  of Nemontemi

-The day the sun Fell

-The Pitayo

If you want stand alone jokes, I sugest you to check my OTHER comic


CERRADO.- Closed
RESTAURANTE.- Restaurant

Ruy F.

2014-03-20 17:06:41Hi everyone! I finally have a english version of the strip and it would be updating 3-5 times a week ´till it catches up with the spanish one , that updates every friday, please spread the word, I would like to have this thing full time running once it catches up.


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