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Inca Doo part 2

Inca Doo part 2 Por: Ruy

As the name implies, this strip is a continuation of THIS ONE, The joke is simple, but little by little this image was filled with cameos (I was adding the last half an hour ago) do not worry, you will not recognize them. that nothing characters of friends who are in the middle of the pre-Hispanic themed comic con and one or another that I felt fit. If you know a character that you think should be there and It´s not, it is because:

A) It is a god, and of those, I have my versions 

B) It is a furry mammal, in the Macoatl canon there are none of those for lore reasons that perhaps one day we will cover 

C) I forgot that it existed, SORRY!

D) He is a famous movie character that I do not have to advertise.


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