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The Coconut

The Coconut Por: Ruy

Time again to explain \"WHY THIS JOKE WORKS IN SPANISH\". In Spanish Coco or Coconut might refer to several things:
1.- to \"El Coco\" a monster who is basically Mexico´s version of the Boogie man (thats why Kaira its afraid of it)
2.-to the fruit \"coconut\" (I found funny to fuse both things in the Coatlan Universe, Kaira its afraid of the fruit, she is terrified of it)
3.-Coco also refer to the head, thats why the last panel has also a wordplay when the doctor says \"its a coco injury\" he also refers to a \"head injury\"

NOTSOFUNFACT: Coconut injury\'s, are actually common and quite dangerous, never sleep under a coconut palm tree.


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