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BEARS! Por: Ruy

Sorry for missing the past update, I had been way too hyped by the E3 (Nintendos conference was amazing) that I completely forgot to update, but here it is.

Frith Ra

2014-06-12 09:52:52In reference to your commentary: In English there are 3 spellings with the same pronunciation. Two & to you've got down well. But "too" seems to elude many people. One uses the spelling "too" in comparatives ("...and your little dog too") & when expressing when something is more than expected. ("I had been way too hyped".) Other than that little issue, you seem to be doing well enough. Keep practicing your English and it will improve your pun power in this language. And possibly suggest some interlingual puns, too. ;)


2014-06-12 12:02:43One thousand thanks!!! and please keep correcting my mistakes. My spelling, in both english and spanish is average at best . You made my day, I didn´t expect someone to on the english side of the strip.


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